There are two dormitories: the Library Homestay building can accommodate up to twenty persons, and the Long House Homestay can hold six in bunk-style beds. In addition there are four very charming and attractive bungalows of different sizes. Banyan Cottage is ideal for a single person, whereas Pete Cottage, Cinnamon Cottage, and Clove Cottage are large and can house couples, with space for one or two children if needed. All have beautiful valley views. Modern kitchen and bathing facilities can accommodate large groups.
There are two dining areas at Flower Mountain. The main dining area is located near the Long House Homestay. It seats approximately 30 people and is the dining area used for large groups. There is also a small kitchen and dining area near the cottages. This area can accommodate 6-8 people at a time.
Rehearsal Pavilions
There are 3 pavilions available for rehearsals and performances. They vary in size to accommodate as few as 6-8 people to as many as 30 people.
Instruments on the premises include a complete Javanese slendro gamelan, gamelan selunding, gamelan gambang, rindik, as well as four gender wayang. Other ensembles, such as gamelan angklung or gong kebyar can be rented for group study. Experienced teachers for all of these instruments, as well as teachers of kidung singing, Indonesian language, dance, shadow puppetry, painting, or wood carving are available locally.
The library collection includes novels, books on Indonesian arts and travel, a selection of world music CDs and cassettes, and more than a hundred classic movies.